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After serving the community for more than three years, SecretEPDB has been upgraded to a new, universal platform BastionHub for integrating and analyzing substrates secreted by Gram-negative bacteria:

BastionHub integrates various types of substrates with detailed annotations from five different secretion systems (types I-IV and VI). To the best of our knowledge, BastionHub is the most comprehensive knowledgebase available, and it is the first to cover type I and type II secreted substrates while simultaneously providing updated information and increased numbers of other types of substrates. Moreover, BastionHub provides and extends basic functions, and integrates new tools to facilitate sequence analysis of both known and potential substrates: (i) the prediction module, including machine learning based prediction and hidden Markov model (HMM) based prediction; (ii) a relationship analysis, including BLAST-based similarity analysis and multiple alignment based phylogenetic analysis. By systematically integrating these modules as both a universal and interconnected platform, BastionHub facilitates analysis of known substrates and allows prediction of potential substrates and identification of their relationships in terms of sequence and phylogenetic similarity.

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